Gimli, Manitoba

My family, that is myself, my parents, my three siblings and from time to time my grandparents would pile in the family sedan on a warm summer’s morning and drive off towards Gimli, Manitoba. A mere 100 km from Winnipeg’s metropolis lies The Viking Capital of North America. Gimli has been the summer residence for generations of Winnipegers. Gimli has a long sandy beach lining the cool refreshing waters of Lake Winnipeg. The statistical population of the town of Gimli is only about 6500 permanent residents. The actual population swells dramatically during the summer months and can expect to attract 50,000 – 60,000 people during the annual Gimli Icelandic Festival.

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Getting To Gimli

Getting to Gimli is a very simple and direct affair. The Rural Municipality (RM) lies due north of the city of Winnipeg. Surrounding the City is Highway 101 (known as The Perimeter Highway). Once you are on 101 take any one of the three exits which indicate North to Gimli. You can take Hwy 7, Hwy 8, or Hwy 9.

Highway 9 is the outflow from Main Street. This highway has several reduced speed zones along the way North so it is a little slower than the other. However, it is the most historic and scenic route that should be enjoyed at least once. Highway 9 will take you through St. Andrews, Lockport, Selkirk, Matlock and Winnipeg Beach. Each town has attractions of its own making the drive North to Gimli via Main Street a most pleasant family day trip.

Highway 8 is known as McPhillips Street and is a little quicker with fewer stops along the way. Highway 7 or Route 90 is the smoothest and widest roadway but also the least direct and therefore the slowest.

What to See in Gimli

The most important thing to do when visiting this beach resort is to relax, unwind, visit with friends and hang out on the beach. If you are doing these things, you are doing it right.

Take a casual stroll down Centre Street or 1st Avenue to take in the boutique shops, and cafes and mingle with the visitors to the town. A must-stop for all visitors is HP Tergesen & Sons. Tergesen has been operating in the RM since 1899. Step in and take a step back in time.

Where to Eat in Town

For a small town in Northern Manitoba, Gimli does not lack great places to eat. No trip to the beach is complete without a visit to Beach Boys. This classic Greek Style Burger and Hot Dog restaurant is always lined up out the door. Don’t miss the Pickeral Dinner. Truly an Interlake specialty.

Another great option lives right next door to Beach Boys at Brennivins Pizza Hus. Great pizza and salads with always friendly service. Try a uniquely different and always delicious African Pizza – one of my favourites. And they deliver……

Other local favourites include Europa Restaurant & Deli, Comodo Chinese Restaurant, Country Boy and some casual dining as Seagulls Restaurant & Lounge in the Lakeview Gimli Resort.

We must shout out to a favourite spot for breakfast Shelley D’s Restaurant. Shelley is open all year and provides meals for residents that are hearty and nutritious and great for special occasions like Thanksgiving and New Year.

What to Do in Gimli


Gimli is also home to the Gimli International Film Festival. This annual event attracts films from all over the world. It also features nightly films projected onto a large screen set in the water down at the beach. Great family entertainment.

The highlight of the summer is always the aforementioned Icelandic Festival. The town comes alive with an amusement park midway, regular concerts, food vendors, and a world-class fireworks display

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Gimli, Manitoba
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