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Discover the Timeless Charm of Cuba

Imagine stepping into a world where time seems to have stood still, where vibrant colonial architecture, vintage cars, and the rhythmic beats of salsa music fill the air. Welcome to Cuba, an island paradise that effortlessly blends history, culture, and natural beauty. At Nova Travel Inc., we invite you to explore this Caribbean gem, where the past comes alive, and every street tells a story. Whether you’re strolling through the bustling streets of Havana, soaking in the sun on the pristine beaches of Varadero, or immersing yourself in the lush landscapes of Viñales Valley, Cuba offers an unforgettable experience for every traveller.

Our curated Cuban adventures are designed to showcase the very best this enchanting island has to offer. Picture yourself sipping on a mojito at a lively Havana café, wandering through the cobblestone streets of Trinidad, or marvelling at the architectural splendour of Santiago de Cuba. Nova Travel Inc. ensures that your journey is not only memorable but also seamless, with carefully crafted itineraries that include guided tours, cultural encounters, and relaxation time. Our close connections with local partners mean you’ll have access to unique experiences and hidden gems that only insiders know about.

Experience the true essence of Cuba with Nova Travel Inc. Let us be your guide to a land of stunning contrasts, where old-world charm meets modern vibrancy, and every corner is brimming with warmth and hospitality. Our mission is to craft travel experiences filled with care, trust, and understanding, ensuring you discover Cuba in a way that’s personal and profoundly enriching. Ready to dive into the magic of Cuba? Allow Nova Travel Inc. to be your bright star in this unforgettable journey.

Memories Caribe Beach Resort, Cayo Coco

All-Inclusive resort catering to adults ages 16+. Surrounded by beautiful white sand and crystal blue waters, Memories Caribe Beach Resort has something to offer everyone. This authentic Cuban beach resort includes a spacious pool, daily entertainment, and a wide variety of cuisines. Memories Caribe Beach Resort is the perfect vacation choice for couples, singles, and groups.


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