At NOVA TRAVEL INC., we pride ourselves on providing top-notch, personalized travel planning services. We invest time, care, and expertise to ensure that every detail of your trip is tailored to your needs. Our service fees reflect the dedication and comprehensive support we offer from the moment you start planning until you return home with unforgettable memories. Our transparent fee structure ensures there are no surprises—only exceptional service. Explore our fees below to understand how we deliver an unparalleled travel experience, putting you at the heart of every journey.

Consultation Fees:

– Initial Travel Consultation (30 minutes): Complimentary

– Detailed Travel Planning & Itinerary Consultation (60 minutes): $50 CAD

– Custom Itinerary Design (per trip): $150 – $250 CAD, depending on complexity

Booking Fees:

– Flight Bookings: $35 CAD per ticket

– Hotel Bookings: $25 CAD per booking

– Vacation Packages (Flight + Hotel): $50 CAD per booking

– Cruise Bookings: $100 CAD per cabin

– Car Rental: $20 CAD per rental agreement

– Group Travel (10+ travelers): $20 CAD per person

– Rail Passes/Tickets: $20 CAD per booking

Service Fees:

– Last-Minute Booking (less than 72 hours before departure): Additional $50 CAD per booking

– Travel Insurance Assistance: $25 CAD per policy

– Visa Application Assistance: $50 CAD per visa

– Custom Experiences and Activities: $50 – $100 CAD, based on complexity

– Modification Fee (for changes made to bookings after confirmation): $30 CAD per change

– Cancellation Processing: $50 CAD per booking, in addition to any supplier fees


  • The initial complimentary consultation allows us to understand our clients’ needs and preferences without any commitment from their side.
  • Custom Itinerary Design fee is adjusted based on the itinerary’s length, destinations included, and the level of detail requested.
  • All fees are upfront and transparent, ensuring clients are aware of all costs.
  • Booking fees help cover the time and resources used to secure the best rates and options for our clients.
  • Service fees account for the additional time and expertise required for specific services.
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