5 Exciting Things to Do in Belize 2022

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Now that fall is officially underway, it’s time to start planning the next holiday getaway — and there’s no better place during the winter months than Belize. With its warm year-round weather, Belize is the best place to bask on a beach in the middle of December, and there’s no shortage of things to do there over the holidays.

As you plan holiday travel for your family, here are five exciting things we recommend in Belize over the winter holiday months!

Spend Time in the Water

Beach in Belize
Beach in Belize

Belize has some of the most pristine waters you’ll ever find. Whether the goal is to relax on the sand or play in the water, Belize beaches offer the perfect getaway from the holiday hustle and bustle.

Divers from all over the world come to Belize for unmatched diving experiences. Belize is home to the largest barrier reef in the Northern Hemisphere and three of four coral atolls in the Western Hemisphere, with drop sites inside and outside the reef. From masters to newly certified divers, there’s a dive site for everyone in Belize. Because the water at the reef is crystal clear — with visibility routinely extending from 75 to 80 feet and warm (average of 80 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit), divers in Belize always get the best view and experience in comfortable waters all year round.

For the ultimate diving adventure, travellers can head to the Great Blue Hole, one of the greatest geological wonders of the world. Just 43 miles off the mainland by boat, it is an easily accessible day trip. Non-divers can also get a breathtaking view of this magnificent wonder via an aerial tour.

Great Blue Hole in Belize
The Great Blue Hole

For those who prefer to stay closer to the surface, there are snorkelling options for everyone from the beginner to the seasoned snorkeler. Novice snorkelers can connect with knowledgeable local guides who will help them explore the kaleidoscope of colours found in hard and soft corals; sponges; and over 500 species of fish and marine life. The Belize Barrier Reef offers hundreds of snorkelling sites of varying depths; even going back to the same spot ensures a different experience every time.

Sailing on the beautiful waters is another way to spend the holiday. Hidden coral heads can make navigation tricky, but it’s a great adventure for experienced sailors. For the less experienced who nonetheless love the open waters, charter a boat and enjoy the ride.

Kayaking is also popular in Belize. Coastal and island resorts offer kayaks for short excursions up the beach and around the islands, while professional kayak outfitters offer multiday packages that operate from a single base camp.

Live Like a Local

There’s no shortage of holiday traditions in Belize, and December boasts several can’t-miss places and experiences. The southeast coast on Christmas Day is one of them.

People flock to the south to see the Garifuna people do their world-famous Wanaragua Dance (or “Jankunu/John Canoe” dance). The dancer dons a mask to resemble a European slave master, complete with shells tied to each knee and an extravagant headpiece for their performance. The dance is said to make fun of colonial slave masters and is accompanied by pounding drums to a fast-paced beat. The jerking movements and vibrating shells make for an elaborate dance that has been passed down for generations.

Also consider a visit to the southern village of San Antonio to see the rare, historic Maya Deer Dance. This traditional festival features a ritualized dance that mimics the hunting of a deer. The Maya dancers wear painted masks and large headpieces, and they scale a greased pole. This dance is said to show the relationship between the Mayas and their land. Witnessing such a dance is a rare sight and one that should not be missed!

Get a Taste of Belize

food in Belize
Looks good enough to eat!

The entire country of Belize is plunged into a warm holiday spirit during December – and it shines through in the food. During a holiday visit, eating a Belize fruit cake is a must. As soon as the end of November approaches, locals begin purchasing black fruit cake ingredients. It is traditional for Belizeans to make large batches of fruit cake to send to their families (both in Belize and abroad). Usually housed in a small, foiled pan, this treat does not taste like your typical cake; its semi-sweetness is coupled with a unique tart flavour. Often made with molasses, burnt sugar and steeped in alcohol, the cake is topped with chewy fruits and optional pecans.

If spending Christmas in Belize, it’s traditional to feast on a Christmas ham. Glazed with mustard, and peppered with cloves and pineapple slices, a perfectly prepared Christmas ham is enough to make anyone want to spend the holidays in Belize.

To wash it all down, rum popo — often compared to eggnog — is available at every dinner table once the holiday season in Belize begins. Belizean liquor makes the rum popo special to Belize. (Hint: It’s a bit more potent than your typical eggnog.)

rum pop
Rum Popo

San Pedro Lighted Boat Parade

The San Pedro Holiday Lighted Boat Parade
The San Pedro Holiday Lighted Boat Parade

Also known as the Christmas Boat Parade, the San Pedro Lighted Boat Parade takes place on Ambergris Caye and attracts thousands of locals and visitors each year.

Participants spend much time and effort lavishly decorating their boats with Christmas themes, lights and music. The route starts at Wayo’s Restaurant near Boca Del Rio and makes its way south to Caribbean Villas, ending at Central Park. A jury chooses the best-decorated boat, and the winner receives a prize during the awards ceremony.

Then, the after-party begins! Partygoers take in the holiday market; the huge Christmas tree; live music; fill up on food and more.

Nature Tours

cave in Belize
Are you adventurous?

There are thousands of caves in Belize. They range from easy walks to challenging hikes that can often turn into squeezes, crawls, climbs, rappels and swims. In most caves, spelunkers will find extensive stalactite and stalagmite formations, and pottery shards. Others have ancient intact pottery, as seen in the Che Chem Ha cave; human remains, such as intact skeletons in Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave; and natural formations such as underground waterfalls Blue Creek and Caves Branch. Just about the only thing adventurers won’t find in the caves is boredom.

The winter months are the ideal time to take a nature tour in Belize. Some tours, like the ATM cave or hiking, may be seasonal due to the rains, meaning the summer might not be the best time to experience them. In the winter, however, travellers can rest assured that the weather will not impede their tours. Adventurers can enjoy spelunking and chasing waterfalls all winter long.

If you are thinking about spending some holiday time in Belize give us a call at Nova Travel. We would be more than happy to help you plan your Belizean vacation.

This blog post was modified from content that originally appeared in Travel Agent Central and was sponsored by The Belize Tourism Board.

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